Package bee sales 2023 - Updated Info

Great bees at low prices -- for club members only.

 The good news: Prices are the same as last year. Woo hoo.

Package bees --  just $140 per package, which includes 3 pounds of honeybees (that's about 10,000 bees) including a mated queen. We're offering Italian, Buckfast and Carniolan breeds. Our Club price is lower (sometimes significantly lower) than many other bee vendors, for really great stock. Membership has its rewards.

Individual queens cost $35,  also the same as before. Each queen comes in a three-hole cage with five attendants. She will be marked. Same choice - Italian, Buckfast and Carniolan. 

Nucleus colonies -  we have a limited number of 5-frame deep nucs available to members who have kept bees for more than a year. These are Northern CA bred VSH queens and bees from a reputable nuc provider. Note: the delivery date on this might be different from the package bee delivery since they are from different areas.  We'll keep you informed as we find out about a date. It's worth the wait.

If you bought bees from SFBA last year and are thoroughly familiar with the process, you may click here or on the red button below to order now. Otherwise, please read on for important information ....

UPDATE: Deadline for ordering packages is Tuesday, April 25th at Noon.

Beepack delivery is scheduled for Saturday, May 6, 12 Noon to 2pm
Location:  St. John's Armenian Church, 275 Olympia Way, SF. Note: This is the same church where we meet regularly, and we use the parking lot as a drive-thru for you to get your bees.
Click for FAQs about what happens that day.

Note: there is always the slight possibility that the dates may need to be revised depending on uncontrollable factors like weather that affect breeders. But if so, we'll notify you by email.

Remember, you must be a current club member to buy bees through the club, so if you haven’t already done so, please join or renew now.

If you are a new beekeeper, you must also have taken our Beekeeping 102 class this year or last.

To place your order, please go to the order entry and payment page here (note: this page is only visible to current SFBA members). Once the purchase is complete, you'll receive an email confirmation plus your registration for Bee Delivery Day pickup. You'll also get  few reminders as pickup day approaches.

Here's what to consider in choosing which breed(s) to buy:

Here's a map of the pickup location. You can find it on Google Maps here.

For more info about orders and bee delivery,
see our Beepacks FAQ page here.

Or, go here to place and pay for your order.