Don't miss these upcoming events!

    • 7 Jun 2023
    • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
    • St. John Armenian Church, 275 Olympia Way, SF

    Veteran beekeeper and SFBA board member Peter Wohlers shares tips for making your honey harvest faster and simpler. "Honey extraction can be frustrating, messy and time consuming, even when you use one of the club's motorized extractors," says Peter. "So over the years, I've improved the process with techniques and tools that make it less onerous -- and yield consistently great, crystal-free honey." Please join us to polish up your extracting skills for the coming season!

    • 5 Jul 2023
    • 6:30 PM
    • St. John Armenian Church, 275 Olympia Way, SF

    Lindsay Wilson, DVMSFBA member Lindsay Wilson, who is both a beekeeper and an experienced veterinarian, will focus on what she calls "biosecurity for the hobbyist beekeeper" -- meaning how to keep your bees healthy! This talk will review common bacterial diseases of honeybees, explain how to check your hives for trouble, and outline best prevention practices. Wilson, medical director at an SF veterinary clinic and candidate for California Master Beekeeper at UC Davis, says she hopes to send everyone home with practical strategies to follow this summer and fall. Hope you can join us!